The WikiVideo project is a web-based, collaborative video sample project moderated by Eboman. A WikiVideo is a collaboratively produced video collage about a certain subject. The tracks are used for Ebomans DVJ live set.

The WikiVideo subjects are determined on the WikiVideo Facebook page. All members can post subjects on the wall of this page, like and discuss the subjects or vote on the polls.

The website is central to the WikiVideo project. This website allows everyone to add fragments from YouTube videos to the WikiVideo database. Anyone can download a YouTube ideo to the WikiVideo website, cut a segment lasting no more than 30 seconds from the video, add it to any WikiVideo subject and sign it. You can see the video sample enter Eboman studio through a live video stream from a camera pointed at Ebomans workspace in the studio.

Eboman creates WikiVideos using these video samples. These videos are never finished, but will continue to develop as long as the subject is relevant and new video fragments are added to the WikiVideo database. We developed a special video player for the publication of WikiVideos: the HyperVideo player (more info:

It is also possible on the WikiVideo website to see the video samples separately from the compositions, so you can use this as a depositary of interesting video fragments on interesting subjects.

Because the quantitiy of videos on internet is so great, and their diversity so huge and ever-changing, it is not realistic to expect any single individual (amateur or professional) to independently create an overview of all these fragments and the links between them. Collaborative production can therfore lead to compositions that are richer and more complex than those produced by individuals.

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